Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the little love nest.

A few of you have been asking about our little love nest and I was inspired by my dear friend Amanda's apartment tour (isn't it amazing how quickly and stylishly she has furnished that little place in such a short time?) to show off this video we made ages ago - before we were married, moved in and had made any changes (not that we've made many yet...) 

For those of you who haven't been following the blog for long time when we got married I moved out of my parent's house (and the bedroom I had inhabited since the age of 3) to a little apartment 30 mins from my parent's home. Husband (sorry I'm not sick of that yet) moved his stuff down one flight of stairs and up another. That's right we are living with the in laws - who I believe do sometimes read this blog - hi guys!

Morgan's parents are awesome and they are allowing us to live here, in a little self contained 2 bedroom flat, paying minimum board so we can save for a place of our own and hopefully be home owners within 2-3 years time!! This is a huge blessing for us and a great opportunity which will really help set us up for the future. Plus they recently put a new kitchen in (which my dad modified and installed) and an air conditioner - which is AWESOME or we would die during this summers heat (the flat is unfortunetly not properly insulated).

Here's the original floor plan and layout as originally blogged here:

cute right?

And here is a little video we made of the flat tour - I can't believe I'm sharing this - I'm such a dag in it - I cringe everytime I watch it!! But it gives you a good idea of the layout and space of our teeny tiny flat.

And stay tuned for DIY and decorating posts as we paint, decorate, change and make this space more 'us' :)

m+kt flat tour 2010 from Katie McAllan on Vimeo.