Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ikea trip

Excited to be heading on a little shopping trip (and girly date) to Ikea with my mum on Saturday. 
Unfortunately our closest, well actually the only Ikea in the whole of NSW is in Homebush (where the Sydney Olympics were held). It is also an hour and a half trip from our house.. so we girls get kinda giddy when we get to go!
I wish we had a store closer that we could just pop into on a whim (although Morgan disagrees with this idea entirely!) I really think they should build an Ikea here on the Central Coast ... there is totally the right market and space for it...
Anyway above is just a few items that caught my eye while browsing through their website. But there are so many more items on my wish list and that I can't wait to check out in person on Saturday (probably a good thing that husband has given me a spending cap for our trip!) but we so need more furniture ... like shelves so we can unpack all those boxes taking over the craft room and a coffee table cause putting my mug on the floor is getting old :)

and yes that ung drill frame is the same frame as in our photo booth pictures - but it was unfortunately my cousin Rachel's, which she brought for their wedding a few weeks before ours, so we had to give it back :(

And speaking of wishing of having an Ikea store closer to home... check out this cute 'I wish we had Ikea' tea towel from Etsy. Seems Skinny Lamix is echoing my sentiments exactly! At least we do have Ikea here in Oz though ...
As well as some furniture, I'm also going to stock up on some of these, which I got a little obsessed with while staying at this ladies house last year. Bean game tournaments, late night sewing extravaganzas aaah the memories of these little fellas Leslie :)