Saturday, January 15, 2011

summer toes

this is where you'll find me on Sunday afternoons ...
barefoot and daggy (and not pregnant!) in the garage stripping layers of paint of an antique cupboard I saved from the side of the road a few months before our wedding - in absolute pouring rain too :)
It feels so good to get stuck into it now and get rid of a thick layer of mission brown paint...
then fluro green ...
then a yellow stained white.


Once this cupboard is restored it will go in our spare room/studio craft room to store (hopefully) all my fabrics and craft supplies.
I have plans to paint it a fun colour, but am having a hard time deciding what colour exactly...
any suggestions?
I have no real inspiration or starting point for that room yet - I think I may need to spread my resene paint colours over the floor in that room and see if anything grabs me.

in the meantime here some inspiration images of cute painted furniture:

Can't wait to hear your ideas :)