Friday, January 21, 2011

aussie day!

It is calling to me ... wanting me to own it!
My Ikea desk that is... seriously I know, I know this is the third post I've mentioned that damn desk but it is stalking me!
Seriously. I was not even looking for it and then came across this post on SFGirlByBay yesterday:

And then I was searching for cute Aussie Day Entertaining Ideas and saw it even used as an outdoor food table. See Husband - this piece is versatile and I NEED it!  ;)

ooh I hope Ikea gets this item back in SOON!

So Australia Day is coming up and I am dreaming of the day we can have some friends over for a really cute backyard do - lamb and prawns on the barbie and pavlova for dessert. Followed by some garden games (I have a crush on garden games) and then a total Aussie movie like The Castle or Muriel's wedding or Croc Dundee (can you believe I have still NOT seen this!) but as we can't fit many people into our teeny tiny little flat I thought I'd show you the rest of these images from this cute Australia Day spread by Wedding Style Guide.

I like it cause it's not the typical green and gold aussie spin off (it's actually really cute) although It very much reminds me of a 4th of July event - I think it has to do with the stripes?! But still total inspiration for any of you US or UK girls who follow the blog too - or anyone else who has a blue, white and red flag. You just maybe couldn't wear that bikini ;)

Seriously so looking forward to Wednesday - we are heading to the beach with friends. What are you up to?
aussie aussie aussie..

and now you say...