Monday, September 26, 2011

showering marlo

The fun thing about working in the event industry and being surrounded by such fun and lovely products is that you can throw the funnest (and prettiest) little work parties, using lots of yummy showroom pieces for FREE.

A few weeks ago Jacqui (the stylist I assist) and myself got to organize a little goodbye baby shower for our Wedding Stylist Marlo who has just left to go on maternity leave.

We decided to throw an afternoon tea send off in our showroom. And we (but prob more me) may have got a little excited about the whole thing - you can't make corporate events look this cute you know!!

The above image is the story board and sketch I put together for our afternoon tea table spread and below are some pictures of how it actually turned out. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that day and had to use one of the other girls point and shoot, but you get the general idea. 

we even made the bunnies put on their bow ties for the occasion - too fun, huh!

PSSST: my two sweet cousins are now blogging - yay! You can find their blogs here and here.

I'm really excited particularly as I have been bugging this one to blog for ages. You see, she is living a really interesting life in Dubai right now and we really miss her and her two littles! And you may just be inspired (or get really hungry) by Rach's and her man James cooking!

They are new to this wonderful online community - so won't you stop on by and show some love?